About Us

Every long journey starts with a single focused step in the right direction.

SujWin is a vibrant but practical startup managed by optimistic and ambitious team.

Customer focus:

We are focused people who strive hard to bring balance between our high quality value added services and cost-effectiveness through our tailor-made custom solutions.

In short, SujWin makes life very much easy to our customers.
About us


SujWin IT & Online Services Private Limited was started in commemoration of our "fan-boying" leader S K Sujith Das, well known for his avant-garde thinking and his Ladder-Bucket-Bell (LBB) concept in management.


SujWin is dedicated to provide high quality services to our partners by offering

  • Zero-defect Services
  • Next-Gen Solutions
  • Software Development following stringent global standards
  • High quality Products
  • Maintenance & active Production Support