SGAG - Software Development

Application Maintenance and Support

IT organizations are dependent on their application stability and health throughout the software life cycle. This drive chain linkage can be entangled by partnering with SujWin as our software maintenance model is very responsive to customer queries.

SujWin works on proactive support model rather than the reactive approach. Our investigations will focus on root cause identification using 5 WHY’s and applying latest FMEA tools from grass root level having corrective and preventive actions recorded according to regulatory requirements.

We believe in push-pull strategy and enrich our customers with value additions throughout their partnership with us and hence ensure mutual growth. Our templates for documentation are knitted by reviews and best assured for quality as it is prepared by our process specialist team. In gist, partnering with SujWin will surely be an engine driven for a purpose as we act as a flywheel for our customers.


Software Development

Development of new applications and solutions are part and parcel of every organization. With our expertise in various functional domains and technologies SujWin can assist in delivering high quality Software on-time at an affordable cost.

SujWin helps IT managers and stakeholders to have peace of mind by delivering niche solutions with high quality.

We understand your business by scheduling discussions and gathering the user requirements. Business case / Project charter will be the front-runner for our planning and implementation of the development philosophies.


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